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Hello everyone!!

New to the product and this community. One thing that isn't clear to me is styling the notification center with my local app css (ie: not Pendo global css or settings). 

I read this article: and it seems to mostly be geared towards styling using global css or settings. 

My issue is my site where I implement Pendo can be branded for our customers. Mainly, this is color related. I already have local app css to manage these styles. I need to be able to control/apply some of these styles locally, via my app css. 

The main things I need are (also circled in the image attached):

1. Resource Center pop out bar at top and text color.

2. Icon 

3. Icon notification badge location (mostly want it at top right instead of top left) and color. 

Can someone point me in the direction of where I can change these three things using local css?




  • I think you can do a lot of what you're looking for natively from the UI . . . 

    The icon & location are controlled from the badge settings in the activation area.

    The font can 'inherit' from your app - does that get you where you need to be?  Not sure if there's a way to inherit the color or just the font style.


  • Susan Shevelenko Thank you for the response. Yes, you are correct, this can be done from the UI. But, I am hoping I can still do it from my app side, via css. In other words, can I override those items I listed from my app css? That is what I am looking to do. 

    The use case is this. Say I have the same website, with Pendo integrated but I have two customers that use the site that I allow branding of the website for each customer. I have already built everything to switch styles (Colors, etc...) based on who logs in to the site for the branding. So, if customer A logs in, they see the blue theme/colors. Customer B logs in, they see the red theme/colors. 

    Right now, setting Pendo in the UI gives one pre-determined color/style when I configure it and thus, doesn't match my different colors based on who logs in. If I can simply override the colors etc... that I listed above, I can achieve my goal. 

    Thoughts on that?


  • Friendly bump please!

  • I'm also interested in styling the Resource Center further via CSS, is this still not possible?


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