What is the best practice for "pausing" a guide

I've searched the help center and forums and haven't seen this addressed. There are many cases in which I need to temporarily "pause" a guide and restart it later. Case uses might be that a bug was discovered and I need to pause and troubleshoot something, or I'm running a survey and want to pause it for a time while I run a different pendo. What is the best way to do this. Currently, I've been sticking it in back into "Draft" mode, and then when I'm ready to turn it on again, put it back into Published mode and hope it doesn't show up again for those that have already closed it. Am I doing this correctly?



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  • Good afternoon and hope all is well. 

    I would do the same thing..."draft" mode. I would recommend that if you have a "Stage" server, use that to run your test and ensure that the troubleshooting went well, then "public." 

    Hope others "superusers" will chime in. I am just an "occasional" user. 




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