Counting Days Active only within a segment

Hi, I'm fairly new to Pendo so still figuring out how to do things and I'm still learning the terminology as well so not sure if I'm framing this question correctly.  

I need to understand some fairly high level analytics around how many days a unique user is active just within a subset of our product over a specific time frame (7 days)

As I understand, the "Days Active" value is a count of the unique number of days a user connects to our product rather than a subset of it. would this be correct or does it depend on how we have Pendo set-up? 

I've tried creating a segment containing the URLs specific to this subset of our product to narrow this down. When I look at the data to validate it, I see they have a "Days Active" count of 4 in the last 7 days but when I dig into their activity I can see they are spending 3 of those days in other parts of our product and only 1 day in the area I'm trying to count.  

Can anyone suggest a method to try to refine this 







  • Hi Matthew, I don't this is possible at a sub area of a product. Indeed it may need even be possible at a cross product level that share a subscription key. I believe Days Active refers to activty across any part of the subscription. 

    Hope this helps!


  • Thanks Niall, I appreciate the response,  I'll do some more digging. I'm not sure how our customers subscriptions keys would factor into this as I assume subscription keys are deep in our product  and they wouldn't necessarily be presented up to Pendo? Again, it could just be my ignorance,  but I will mention it to the wider team working on Pendo to do some digging. 


  • No problem Matthew, just to clarify that when I say subscription key I refer to your key with Pendo rather than your customers subscriptions to your product. 

  • Ah ok.  I'll Raise it with our Pendo CS rep and see if he thinks this is relevant to our challenge.   

    The more I've dug it seems that I'll not be able to get the data directly in a report/dashboard in Pendo.  It seems a surprise, but I'm sure there is going to be a work around. I can see the core information is in Pendo that would give me the data I need  i..e if I look at a user I can see if they accessed a certain area of our tool (based on a part of the URL using tags) on a particular day.  so in theory I just need to find a way to detect those days automatically and have a incremental counter for each day.  I'm expecting this might end up being a API type of fix. I'm going to be pushing the data into another tool anyway so that might be the way forward.  The problem i have is that I'm not a coder so and getting coding resources is challenging in my organization, so I can't experiment that easily. 


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