May product updates: Data Sync and Validate GA, Roadmaps on Engage, and analytics enhancements!

Welcome to this month's edition of Pendo product updates! Here you’ll find our latest product updates, and details on how to get started with them.

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Data Sync and Validate GA:

Validate helps you build products you know users will love, use, and pay for. You'll use it to test multiple potential features against each other, letting users decide the winner. It all works in-app, in context, with the right users. Request a demo to learn more. 

Data Sync helps you showcase your product team’s true impact on business success. Use it to push product usage data to your cloud storage, and then to your business intelligence tools. Easily bring product data to the places where business decisions happen. Learn more.

Roadmaps on Engage:

Roadmaps is an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop tool to quickly create compelling visualizations of current and future work. This feature is now available on the Engage platform. Learn more.


Funnel enhancements: You can now uncover more metrics with Funnels. Completed Funnel shows the total conversion percentage of the funnel, and Average Time shows how long it takes users to complete the entire funnel. Learn more.

Report-level filtering for Data Explorer: We're making filtering data explorer reports a breeze with the introduction of report-level filtering. You can now filter across an entire group of events or the entire report with just a few clicks. Learn more.


SCIM via Okta: Integrate Pendo with Okta to automatically provision users and manage permissions, so IT teams can keep your subscription secure and admins can stop manually adding or removing users. Request a demo.

Native Drift Integration: The Drift integration allows you to embed live chat in your Pendo Resource Center to answer real-time user questions alongside your contextual guidance and product walkthroughs. We’ve upgraded the integration to the latest and greatest native solution from Drift, so you can offer a more seamless experience to your users. Learn more.


Themes: You can now manually categorize text-based NPS feedback with NPS Themes. Organize large amounts of NPS data for faster analysis by identifying commonalities of promoters or detractors, and quickly sort them into themes. Learn more.


Right-to-left support: You can now create guides in right-to-left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew, with consistent components. Reminder: Right to left guides are already supported for mobile.

Add CSS class to a guide theme: You can now add a CSS class to a guide at the guide’s container level so that it inherits styling from your application’s stylesheet. This is done inside a Theme, so the class can be applied across many guides. Learn more.


Duplicate Prevention when Creating Tags: You will now receive warnings during the tag creation process to prevent tags from getting created with a duplicate name or with the same rule.


Confirmations in Adopt Studio: Confirmation guides are activated when a user selects a button specified by the guide builder. Pendo consumes the selection and instead presents a confirmation guide to the user, which you can edit in Adopt Studio. Learn more.





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