How are you defining your Product Areas within Pendo?

Hi everyone. I didn't see much coverage about defining and using Pendo's product areas, so I thought I'd check in with the community...

  • How many product areas do you have in your Pendo instance (by subscription if you have multiple)? 
  • How are you currently defining your product areas? How granular are they?
  • How did you decide how to construct your product areas? 
  • How do your product areas relate to how your product and dev teams are organized or how your users think about your products?

We currently have 25 product areas that I don't believe had an overarching strategy, so they're at varying levels of granularity and for a wide swath of use cases (including some workarounds for labeling things that have no other labeling or filtering mechanism). I suspect that Pendo wasn't designed to have that many product areas.

Not specific to Pendo, we have some new definitions for product areas that were defined for product and engineering workflows in Jira. I'm considering aligning to using those instead of reinventing the wheel if that makes sense to do. Those correlate roughly 1:1 right now, product area to scrum team to PM and are also largely conceptually organized (i.e. a customer or someone external would likely understand roughly what the product area is, e.g. reporting).

What is your org doing and what have you learned along the way?




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