Track/filter different environments in a single product/app


we are using Pendo to track a product that is deployed in multiple environments (multiple production 'parallel' environments) and we can have the same users accessing the different environments.
We have a single app in Pendo and in all the environments we have used the same snippet, because they are the same product, and we are clearly interested in the overall analysis, but we would want to track/filter also for single environment.
And clearly we don't want to duplicate all the settings (pages, features, events...) for each environment and duplicate them.... this would be a huge management burden! So we excluded the multi-app approach... 

We noticed we could use the different urls for pages and features, but again this would mean multiply the implementation and management effort.

We were trying to figure if we could use metadata, but they seem to be connected to the visitor and considering only the last value (or eventually last 5 values).. so it doesn't seem the solution... 

What am I missing? Does pendo support metadata on the single record and not at the visitor level?
Any suggestion on how to proceed?





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