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Currently we use Intercom on our applications (mobile Swift/Java for iOS/Android).  That picks up new registrations and sends a daily email digest of new user registrations.

Can Pendo be used to do this?  Can the mobile SDKs capture new registrations and send a daily digest of new registrations?



  • Hi, Andrew Sussman

    It is possible to subscribe to visitor reports and get a weekly digest every Monday of the report results. For this example, you'd be looking for new users for the previous week, so something like "first visit within the last 7 days" as your segment would get you the results you're looking for!


    Hope this helps!

  • So there is no way to do a daily digest?  like I can with Intercom or Mixpanel?

  • You could connect your visitor reports to an automation tool like to send daily digests vs. weekly.

  • Is there any other way to check first time (ever) users for an application? What I am trying to achieve is to know how many new users are we getting for a mobile app. The app stores analytics do not provide what we need (does not diff external vs internal users, unreliable stats, etc) so I was wondering if Pendo could do that instead. That to say, Pendo does capture usage (there is actually First visit (all apps) stat) so it seems reasonable that we could get the number and list of first time users for a specific app?


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