How can I set up a segment for a guide to apply to just new users of our platform?

It's been a bit since I have used segments and am trying to refresh myself. I am trying to create a segment that consists of only users who joined our platform after X date (ie. June 30th), how would I best go about setting up this segment? 



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    Hi, Jordan Drake

    Visitor First Visit since X (ie; June 30, 2023) would be your segment rule. Learn more about other segment rules here.

    Hope this helps!

  • Greetings!

    I am trying to create a segment that will show a Lightbox guide that will take over the screen for users in our single-page application only once. I would like to test this first.

    Scenario: We have an alert for all users to see in the moment. For example, "Effective immediately stand up and touch your toes!" 😀 We would like to show it once and account for users who may be out during the alert period and need to see when they come back.

    I tried your suggestion above, using First Visit since X and set it to Only Me. I also tried selecting Guide → Not Viewed → ever. Both options give the error, "This segment is incompatible with guides: Visibility set to Only Me". Please see the attached screenshots for reference. Is there a way to do implement this ability and test it with just me?

    Please advise.

    Thank you.


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