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Hi there,

We use Pendo Guides to publish our release notes. Our customers are asking to receive email updates when we publish new release notes.

Is there a mechanism to allow end users to subscribe to updates to Pendo Guides and have Pendo send the email for me?



  • Hi, Anthony Isaacson

    That is an interesting use case. There's no way for Pendo to send an email when there's a new guide published. However, a way to accomplish this goal could be to use this recipe for emailing "inactive" users. In addition to users not logging in to see the release notes in-app, the segment could also include "guide X (your release notes guide) not seen ever" and have an email fire off only to users who did not see the release notes.

    I hope this helps!

  • If you don't use the Resource Center yet I'd highly recommend it, since you have the announcements module that generates an "unread message" badge anytime you publish a new guide and the user is in the segment. We use it for release information just like Pendo does!

  • Thanks Liz - we ended up using guides to fulfill the use case as well. 

    Email is preferred, since users don't need to log in to receive the notice, but email has its own pitfalls (spam filters, etc)


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