Guide activation not show up on the first run

Hi, I have setup a guide for an iOS app, there's a weird behavior happening and I don't know how to debug it.

The guide is showing OK on simulator devices, but on the real device, it will only show if I kill the app and run it again (restarting the app). Same thing happen if I use the test mode on the guide connecting to a real device.

Any idea why is this happening?



  • I wonder if it's related to the activation -- is it automatic? Maybe it needs that restart to detect the visit?

  • The activation is automatic for the view. Actually after a lot of debug, we found out that this problem started to happen after version 2.21. We're using the SwiftUI branch (for some of the SwiftUI components) so I don't know if it's also a factor that affect this.

  • Hi, So according to what I understand you have a guide that the activation is viewing a specific page. Did you enable the flag : "Repeat guide display" ?

  • The guide suppose to show only once, for new user who just started to use certain flow in the app. So "Repeat guide display" is not enable. When I try to enable debug from Pendo, the guide is still downloaded on the 1st run though, it just not activated as expected.

  • After further investigation, we came up with a solution (not ideal) that is reset the identity of user (sending `startSession` with nil params) right before start the real session. It will fix the problem and the guide will show up on the 1st run

  • Can we have please some more details?

    • Are you calling 'startSession' once during the life cycle of your app?
    • which version of the sdk are you using?
    • Is your app is written in Native iOS / SwiftUI or another framework such as Xamarin / React Native.. ?
    • Do you have segments?

    Thanks ! 


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