• Mohini Srivastava can you share a bit more on the use case as these new logics seems to only work when all the steps of a guides are targeted to the same page.

  • Hi, we provided the skipStep syntax ARIA label input field for the step on the same page. The step to be skipped was configured to a target element that is not present in the DOM, however the step was not skipped and the preview shows an error of element not found. If step2 is to be skipped, we put the Aria-label on step1 configuration, as per the docs. Also, I am not seeing the designated icon in the bottom-right corner of the guide step, as mentioned in the docs. Does that mean the configuration isn't correct?

  • Hi Mohini Srivastava

    Please check if you have enabled guide logic option in your Pendo subscription settings, once enabled the logics will start to work. 


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