The same guide video for multiple columns in a single page


 I have two queries regarding the pendo guide features

1. can i upload a video available in my system to pendo guide?

2. Can the same guide video be used for multiple same columns on the same page?



  • Hi Rachana Kumari

    1. No you can not upload videos to Pendo, you will have to host it youttube or wistia, check the provider list directly in Pendo for supported video platforms.

    2. the guide will only show for the first occurrence of the target element this happens in case when you have same element applied in multiple places on the same page.

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  • Ditto to Rohit's points - also, using one of the video services providers allows for embedded videos to help with much cleaner presentations. On the second question - you could duplicate the guides/videos if you want the same item to appear in different spots of your page based on targeted elements. 


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