Feature Unique First-Time Users

I am looking for recommendations for capturing analytics regarding a specific features first-time users.   My ambition is to know over a period of time (say 6 months) how many unique first-time users are using a feature each month.  (i.e., month one 10 users, month two 10 users, month three 30 users, .......)  I don't want to count in month 2 a user that used the feature in month 1.  These are truly unique users.   

I hope that makes sense and I appreciate any suggestions or help.  



  • Hi Ken,

    Using the data explorer feature should achieve what you're looking for. When running the report, change the event data to "measure by unique visitors'".

  • Thank you Austin,

    I think this gets me what I am looking to accomplish.  Let me play with it a bit and see where I end up.


  • Would love to be able to add this metric to our Dashboards too.


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