More data on time spent on page

Hi, my team and I are trying to see more data on time spent on a page/time spent in our app. We have two questions related to this:

  1. When viewing one of the tagged pages, we are able to see average time spent on the page and also views for each of the top 100 parameters for the page. Is there a way to see average/total time spent per parameter?
  2. When looking at time spent on a page, is there a way to see the median amount of time spent in addition to the average amount of time spent?


  • Hi Courtney - If you check for time spent questions in the community, you'll find a lot! Which means it's a common issue for users seeking solutions. I do not have a solution to your first inquiry, however, regarding question 2 about finding the median, there is a way to achieve this! You can run a visitor report and segment to viewers of a particular page(s), then construct the report to pull views of the page(s) from visitors with their total time spent. From there, export the csv file and run a median time analyze or operation of the data. 

  • Thank you Austin Rueda-Pippin 😊


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