Is there a way to make a guide appear after a user selects a specific rating (1-5)?

I'm building a "Rate your experience 1-5" guide and I want to show a second guide only to people who select "5" and a different guide to people who select 1-4.  Can this be done? 



  • Chris Ashby just curious about your use case because we are looking to do something similar, but more from a perspective of conditional questioning and answers. Just curious what you all had planned for the second steps? 

  • I think this new feature could be helpful for you that Pendo just rolled out. It's a bit limiting since it's new but could be worth looking into:

    Separately, my team at Citrix has done this in the past with "logic" steps. The user would submit their response on step 1 and be advanced to step 2 where we would have some custom JS logic. This would require custom code on step 1 and step 2. Step 1 would have logic to capture the value the user selects between 1-5 and use that value in step 2 that would direct the user to the appropriate guide or step we want them directed to. We use this a lot with NPS (anyone 0-7 get a flow to gain more in-depth feedback and anyone 8-10 get a slightly shorter flow to see if they have any additional feedback).

  • At Citrix, we've effectively employed "logic" steps in user interactions. Users progress from step 1, submitting responses, to step 2, guided by custom JS logic. The captured value (1-5) in step 1 directs users in step 2 to relevant guides. This method optimizes NPS feedback, channeling 0-7 scores for in-depth insights and streamlining the flow for 8-10 scores. Explore more with Remini Mod APK.


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