Target Element Activation - Behavior: Show on click more than once but not every time


I am trying to have a guide appear on a target element click (once someone clicks a button). However, when I use the Activation Settings for Target Element, I only have the option to have the guide appear on a click once or every time. Is there no way to have the guide appear for a user twice and then if they dismiss the guide no longer show it? 

I know we have this ability when we use the Activation Setting, Automatically, but curious if we can do it on a target element activation. I do not want the guide to appear just when the target element is on the page, only after a click.



  • Would this work?

    Create a guide segment with a rule that returns the list of users who have clicked on the target element less than 3 times.

    And use that Segment as in the guide settings.

    The only potential issue with this is that some users may have already clicked it twice if it's not a new target element.  But if a new target element, or only for new customers, I think this would work.

  • Hi Craig, 

    Great idea! Unfortunately, this button has been active for a while. I also just tried to create a segment of users who have not clicked it in the last day to see if it would even let me use that type of segment on a guide, but I got this error: 

    Thank you though!


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