Exclude guides from specific URLs but retain tracking



Im wanting to set up Pendo so we would never ever show guides on specific pages, like the sign-up flow, but still retain the data tracking. When creating a guide, we can only set the location to Site Wide or Only On This Page. The issue is that we have some guides that we want to show on every page, except those listed.

Is there a way to accomplish this without removing the Pendo snippet on those onboarding pages?


The workaround we have now is that we have a Page created that contains all URLs in our product with /onboarding exclusion rules. This works, but its really muddying our path reporting; that 'page' contains every URL on our side so every step in that path has that page called out.



  • Hi Devin Hartnett,

    You can ask your developer to add this on the page you would like to hide the guides but retain the tracking.

               visitor: {
                   id: 'VISITOR-UNIQUE-ID' // Required if user is logged in, default creates anonymous ID
               account: {
                   id: "Training User",
               disableGuides: true

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