Best way to stop pendo tracking given some action


Our application has a feature that allows one user to impersonate another user they have access to, essentially enabling them to use the application as if they were the impersonated user, with the ability to revert back to their original user profile.

During the impersonation phase, we wish to stop Pendo tracking as it falsely inflates usage data metrics for the impersonated user who isn’t actually using the application. Below is a snippet of code illustrating the impersonation function:


function impersonateUser() {
    // Logic to set up impersonation
    // Seeking the best approach to halt Pendo tracking
    // Should we call a teardown function? 
    // Or should we refresh the page and prevent Pendo from initializing? 
// Some other way ?


I've went through the docs but didn't find an answer. Hope you can guide me to achieve it! 





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