Duplicate Data via Engage Aggregation


We're retrieving pageEvents via the Engage Aggregate API; the request we're sending is structured like:


{"response": {
    "mimeType": "application/json"
  "request": {
    "requestId": "page-events",
    "pipeline": [
        "source": {
          "pageEvents": null,
          "timeSeries": {
            "first": "now()",
            "count": -7,
            "period": "dayRange"


The docs state: 

They return a row of data for each unique combination of day/hour, visitorId, accountId, server name, and IP address.


However we're seeing duplicate rows be returned for a given combination of the above, with the rows containing different values for `numminutes`, `numevents`, and `lasttime`.  (All other fields are equal)

Is this expected?  If so, should we be doing a post-retrieval level aggregation of the numminutes and numevents fields? 

If not, is it an error in our query or a bug within Pendo's API?

Thank you!





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