Adding Images to Dashboards

Hi All,

I am making dashboards for consumption by my team.  One of our data elements sends a number into Pendo to represent some textual information.  Most of my users do not know that correlation so my dashboards are harder to consume.  For example in a pie chart, you see a line to a colored pie slice with "7".  But most of my users don't know what 7 corresponds with.  I wanted to make a quick information key that showed 7 = Flowers and then set the highlight color of that information to match the color that Pendo has assigned to that pie slice.  Pendo's highlight colors are not the pallet that is used by the pie chart, so I cannot use that option.  My  quick thought was I can make a graphic which shows the number to text correlation with the appropriate colors, save that as an image and add the image to my dashboard in an appropriate place.... which gets me to my question, how can I add an image?  Or baring that, how can I make my pie chart convey a more user friendly set of information than the information we are sending (the number)?






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