How to make a badge open a link in a new tab

Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone has done this before, but I'm looking for an easy way to have a Text-based Activation Badge simply be a link that opens in a new tab. I'd like clicking on the badge to launch an invisible guide that runs some Javascript to open said link in a new tab. e.g.,"",'_blank'); 




  • I reviewed some of the items here but they didn't sound promising as a head start:

  • If still needed, add a custom code block and:

    • Add this code in the HTML section (replacing the your_url_here with your desired URL):
    <a id="openUrlLink" href="your_url_here" target="_blank"></a>
    • And this code in the javascript section:
    // Wait for Pendo to initialize
    function waitForPendo(callback) {
        if (!window.pendo) {
            setTimeout(function() { waitForPendo(callback); }, 100);
        } else {

    waitForPendo(function() {
        // Get the link element
        var link = document.getElementById('openUrlLink');
        if (link) {
            // Programmatically click the link to open the URL
            // Add a short delay before deactivating the guide
            setTimeout(function() {
    }, 500);

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