Catch all Guide by Name not Showing (and includes extra rule after segment applied)

I'm new to Pendo and I have setup a Guide for some sites. The Guide is set so show up on all "All Devices", and has no produce area or guide category defined. For the segment I created a new one where the "name" is "equal to" the name we provide in the config for the site code, and for select visitor data it's set to "All Visitors" (no other option is selectable). In that segment I can see that there are "Eligible Visitors" based on it's settings.

However when I apply that to my Guide "Eligible Visitors" is zero. I've also noticed that it has "Identified Visitors Only" added in the rules even though that is not set in the segment. I believe this is why it's not showing up on the page even though the Guide is Public.

What else can I look at here to help visitors see this Guide?




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