Can Pendo guide segments change based on user activity?

In my product, I have a badge that I only want visible to Trial users. When a user converts to a paid plan, I don't want them to see the badge anymore. I have my segment set to Trial users, but the badge is still visible to people who convert. Any ideas how I can fix this? 



  • Amy Was How is your segment currently setup? Is it based off a specific field or did you add users/accounts manually?

    Internally here we are using data mapping ( ) to pull over various attributes from our customers and accounts. One of the attributes we have is "subscription type" (trial, product a, product b, etc.). If you use a similar methodology, you should be able to create a segment based off this, and as the customer progresses from trial to paid, this attribute should update, and thus update your segment.

  • Thanks Michael! That's exactly what we're doing. However, when a customer moves from "Trial" to "Product A," they're still being fed the badge... It's odd. Maybe I'll open a ticket.

  • Another thing to try is to segment based on if the user has done something only a paid user would see/do, and exclude that action?


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