Can a guide that is activated via the Resource Center be available on two pages?

I have a variety of Pendo guides that are contextually available depending on where you're located in our platform. For example, the users will only have access to launch our guide about creating Location Groups, when they are in the Location Group section of the website. 

I understand that for Resource Center guides you make them available be setting the Page Location to either "Sitewide" or "Only this page" in the location section of the guide. 

My question is, is it possible to make a guide available via the resource center activation on two different pages only?

The use case is that I want users to be able to activate this guide both when they are on the "Location Groups" list page, AND the "New Location Group" creation page. 

Thanks in advance for any insights!



  • Just wanted to update my own community post with the info I got from Pendo support when I reached out to them about this. 

    They let me know that there is an active feature request open for this functionality but for now there is a workaround. 

    In order to do this, you you simply create a tagged page in Pendo that includes the multiple URLs where you want the Resource Center guide to be available.

    Then, set your guide that is activated through the RC to "Only this page" and update the page location to the newly tagged page that includes rules for both URLs.

  • yep, or you can target your guide step to elements only found on those two pages :) either way works! Targeting though means you don't have your extra "superpage" tag in the middle of the rest of your page data.


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