How do I access the Debugger for Pendo Guides?

I saw this post from Pendo:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Subscription Settings.
  2. Open the Applications tab.
  3. Find and open the relevant app from your Applications list.
  4. In Agent Settings, select Debug in the Staging or Production environment.

    My question is what Setting? I don't see this setting in Google Chrome. I would appreciate any help.


  • To add to this, I think it's case-sensitive. pendo.enableDebugging() 

  • Hi Alice Meade

    Open your app in Chrome and the do an inspect element to open the chrome developer console >> open console >> type in pendo.enabledebugger() this would open the debugger on the same page on the left side.

    To debug any issue select the relevent tab in the dbugger and check the error, for example your guide is not loading on the target page, you open the debudder and then go to guide tab in debugger and the scroll to find the guide you want to examin and click on it to open the details around that perticular guide or guide. step which will show you the error.

    Hope this helps.


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