Auto-display guide outside view-port without auto-scrolling to it

I have a guide that displays automatically, and is positioned relative to an element on the page. This page is a SPA with some elements that do a call-back, reloading the page and thus re-loading the guide. The issue is that the guide location may be outside of the browser viewport - (either the guide is below the fold, or the user may have scrolled down below where the guide displays.) In these cases, when the user clicks something that causes a call-back, the page reloads and then automatically jumps to the location of the guide, rather than staying in the area where the user is interacting with the page. This is extremely annoying to the user as their view keeps jumping to the guide, forcing them to manually scroll back to continue what they were trying to do.

Is it possible to configure an automatically-displayed guide to pop up but NOT cause the view to jump? I.E. let the guide just display outside of the viewport without auto-auto-scrolling to it.




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