Does Pendo integrate with Zendesk?

There are a few ways that Pendo connects with Zendesk:

  • Pendo Data in Zendesk
    • What it is: Get product usage information including features, pages and more that was being used right before the user filed the support ticket. Have better context of a user’s profile such as usage frequency, depth of understanding of the product and more right alongside the support ticket.
    • What you'll need: API key access
  • In-app Knowledge Base
    • What it is: Pendo’s knowledge base integration allows you to deliver contextual and on-demand help to your users from within the Resource Center.
    • What you'll need: Knowledge Base integration
  • Zendesk Live Chat Integration
    • What it is: Embed Zendesk's live chat in your Pendo Resource Center to provide real-time assistance alongside your contextual guidance and product walkthroughs.


  • Here are some overview videos on how to configure and use the ZD integrations!

  • We have the new Zendesk Chat integration working, but have one difficulty which is reminiscent of an issue we had with the older iframe style Chat integration. Once I start a chat, if I navigate to a different page (which a user might need to do as directed by the chat agent), the ZD chat modal disappears and defaults back to the Pendo RC badge. In the old integration that killed the chat session, in this integration the chat is still alive, but you wouldn't know it unless you re-open the RC and drill back into the Chat module. That's problematic. Any tips on how to replicate the native behavior of the ZD chat, which would be: when I navigate to a new page the ZD chat module reloads back to where I left off in the chat exchange.

  • Well, I answered my own question (again?). Here's the info for those interested:

    You need to be sure to enable the Resource Center to reopen upon changing pages (in your RC Activation settings) to fully support the Chat integration. When you do this, you do achieve native ZD chat functionality. The chat itself reloads upon changing the page. Another nice functionality about this integration is that if you close the chat and return to the RC badge in the middle of a chat (or while in the queue), you get a RC badge notification alert on the badge and on the module along with the native ZD audio chime to call you back in. Feels much more integrated this way.


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