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Newbie here!

I would like to activate a guide in a very particular circumstance -- after the user has clicked a button on Page A, which then automatically navigates the user to Page B.  There are other ways that a user could get to Page B, so I don't want the guide to be there generally.  Instead, I want it to show up only when the user gets to Page B by clicking the button on Page A.

Is this doable?  If so, any suggestions?

Many thanks!



  • Hey Ashley - 

    Another approach here: Based on the assumption that the button that redirects a user to Page B is a part of your application (and not part of a Pendo guide). 

    • Create a guide that is a tooltip step.
    • Attach it to your button (that redirects).
    • In the behavior tab, make sure the guide Advances on element click
    • Add a code building block with the below code
    display: none !Important;


    Step 2 of your guide will be the first step of the guide on Page B (and should be targeted to page B as page location). 


    What this does - is it puts an invisible step on the button click so that when a user clicks the button, they unknowingly invoke the guide that then presents content to them on the next page. 


    A few things to consider:

    • Step 1 should be activated either automatically or on Target Element
    • If Target Element is selected, determine if this guide should only appear once or every time the user clicks the button
    • If you want this to appear the first 3 times a user clicks, consider adding this in your segmentation on the guide where the target segment would be: Feature "Button A" used at most "3 times"
  • Hi Ashley Renlund - yep, you can do this. Leverage the Guide Button Actions feature:

    You may have to leverage a mix of button actions and segments based on poll responses to get the result you're looking for. And it may take more than one Guide to be built out for your scenario.

    So the ingredients you'll want to consider will be button actions, polls, and segments based on poll responses. 

  • Hey Laura Contrucci -

    In the designer, open step 1. Click the Blue Plus Button on the guide (where you add content). 

    In the menu that opens when you click to add content, you should be able to add the custom code block from that menu. 

  • Brilliant! 

    Thank you, Doug McDaniel -- that's exactly what I was hoping to do.  I am completely giddy over this. :)

  • Anyone have suggestions for doing this in mobile guides? I'm trying to have Button 1 from Guide 1 on Page 1 go to Page 2. If the user does not see Guide 2 on page 2, that is ok. It is also ok if Guide 2 shows on page 2, but ONLY when the user just clicked button 1 in Guide 1.

    Really I just need a way to get the user from guide 1 (on page 1) TO page 2. 

    Here are all of the times I've been trying: 

    1) Doug McDaniel's great suggestion unfortunately won't work b/c mobile guides don't allow custom code blocks 

    2) I tried placing Step 2 on page 2, and having the step 1 action on page 1 be going to step 2. This doesn't work because the user has to navigate to page 2 themselves for the step to show up. I worked with pendo support and they confirmed. 

    3) Currently trying to use the guide to guide feature on mobile. But in all the set ups I've thought through, I think that Guide 2 will still end up showing at other times, not just when the user has clicked button 1 in Guide 1. Here is my set up and what I've thought through. 

    • Guide 1 on Page 1 has a button with Action of go to Guide 2.
    • Guide 1 is activated based on target element click, every time 
    • Guide 2 is on Page 2 
    • Guide 2 Segment includes logic that Guide 1 Button 1 has been clicked at least once. 
    • Guide 2 is activated based on page view. The problem is that the user could go to other pages or leave the app, and then come back to Page 2 and see Guide 2 without their most recent action being clicking button 1 in guide 1. I've been trying to modify the Segment to factor in page 2 views, but having trouble.
    • I believe activating Guide 2 via App launch has the same problem as activating via page view - the user could still see guide 2 without their most recent action being clicking button 1 in guide 1. 
    • I don't have the track events implemented to activate it based on track event.
    • I can't do target element because the clickable element is on a page where the visuals frequently change but the pendo pages don't update accordingly.

    4) Have Guide 1 Button 1 be a deeplink to page 2. Unfortunately we don't currently support this. And if i want to put a guide on page 2, I will still have the same problem that it can trigger at times other than when the users most recent action was clicking button 1 in guide 1. 

  • Doug McDaniel I know this is an old thread but I am trying to do the same thing and your guidance has been great so far. I believe I have it working (step 2 of guide is showing up on page b after the element on page a is clicked) but I do not see where to hide step 1.

    • "Add a code building block with the below code"

    Can you elaborate on where to add this? Thank you!



  • Hi,

    I'm trying to do the same thing but the "submit all polls" option is locked.

    Does anyone know why?


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