TIP: Use a second page on your NPS!

My app's poll responses numbers, when they're hidden behind a "Feedback" button, are dismal. People just don't want to give me their feedback when they're in the middle of what they're doing and my lack of responses show it.

But oddly... people care more to respond to our in-product NPS and really let us hear what they're thinking.

So, I decided take advantage of that and setup a second optional page of questions to help qualify the main NPS response, where the questions focus on previous detraction trends in past NPS. And wouldn't you know it... the response rates/conversion to the second page have been very encouraging!

Users would see the NPS question, provide their 0-10 score, enter a verbatim, and both the Submit and Close button would submit the poll, but the Submit button would then jump to a second page of questions with some copy at the top that indicates the second page is entirely optional if they have some time, and the user can close that page and it won't affect their NPS score submitted.

We've had a healthy 60% conversion rate from page 1 to page 2. Users who have answered the NPS question on the first page continue to the second page and 60% of those users answer qualifying questions. It has helped us pivot their explicit NPS feedback into major buckets that confirm our roadmap focus for the next few quarters.

Some best practices:

  • We limited the second page 3 rating-based questions, one dropdown question, and of course getting permission to contact them for follow up.
  • Test on multiple browsers and screen resolutions such that the second page isn't spilling over or causing display issues
  • Make it very clear in your instructions that the questions on the page are optional–getting some answers is better than getting no answers. Users definitely answer the ones they're most passionate about.


Your mileage may vary, but do let me know if anyone does anything special with their NPS beyond the out-of-the-box functionality!



  • This is awesome, Vinay! Thanks for sharing your use case and results with the community. This is definitely a common area of interest for many of our customers. 

  • Very interesting application! We haven't done much to tweak our NPS, and I'm currently trying to figure out how long people are leaving the NPS up and trying to work around it vs. just answering or closing on the first day. Another round of optional questions is interesting for sure, and I might try it with some A/B segmentation.

  • Can you please share how did you set the second page questions? I only see an option for 1 follow-up question... 


  • Vinay Shukla This is very interesting! I've been struggling with low response rates to NPS and thinking of ways how to improve this. Would you mind sharing how you went on about this? I'd be happy to jump on a call if that's easier :) 

    Best regards,
    Gugga Gustafsdóttir
    Senior Customer Operation Specials

  • You could either add an additional step to your NPS guide with some follow-up poll/questions (the NPS allows the addition of steps), or perhaps you could create an action button that launches a separate guide with the follow-up.


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