Pendo Discussions Community Guidelines

Welcome to Pendo Discussions! This is a space for all Pendo users to connect with one another, answer questions, and share best practices. Take a look at our guidelines below and read our Terms of Service, both of which apply to Pendo Discussions, to get the most out of our community.


Be respectful and helpful

  • Treat others with respect as our community has all different types of users who are interested in maximizing their knowledge and usage of Pendo. 
  • Use appropriate language and tone when communicating with one another.
  • Share what you know and don’t be afraid to ask for help from others (You can @mention your peers in your posts!)

Keep it neat and tidy

  • Avoid making duplicative posts by using the search bar to find articles and previous posts. Your question (or answer) may already be there! If not, find the right section to make a new post. 
  • Avoid commenting or “bumping” older threads that are not relevant to your question.
  • Use descriptive details and provide enough details! Help the community by giving enough context for your question or idea, and we’ll do our best to join in.

Make this your own

This is a community, and you are an owner of this space! If you see something that can be improved, make it known. If you see something that doesn’t belong or violates our Terms of Service, report it. (Please see below for more information on reporting.)  This is your opportunity to take our community to the next level and share your knowledge about building products and utilizing Pendo. Thank you for joining Pendo Discussions, and remember to have fun!


Additional Rules and Conduct

  • Be Respectful and on Topic.  Treat others with respect.  Posts should be clear and related to Pendo's products and services. We don't allow behavior or content that is hateful, harasses, threatens, or bullies users or anyone else.
  • Do not post or link to:
    • offensive or inappropriate content
    • content intended to be inflammatory or disparaging
    • content that promotes or encourages illegal activities
    • confidential information of Pendo, its partners, affiliates or vendors or any third party
    • content that contains, or directs users to sites that contain, nudity, sexually explicit material or content that exploits or abuses children, viruses, bots, worms, trojan horses or other malicious software or to any phishing or social engineering content
    • content that you do not have the right to post or link to. 
      • You may link to other community content or publicly available Pendo documentation if appropriately attributed and relevant
  • Ask Permission. Do not post on behalf of other users without their express permission
  • Impersonation. Do not misrepresent yourself or lie about your identity or affiliation or falsely imply any association or sponsorship by Pendo
  • Spam. We encourage active participation, but do not spam the community with advertisements or self-promotion, content that is repetitive, unrelated or excessive or unwanted solicitations of personal or contact information (or otherwise). 
    • Official Pendo partners may recommend their app or solution in the community or a relevant community discussion where it provides a solution to a Pendo user’s question, however, you must be explicit about whether it is free or paid and identify yourself as a partner.


Consequences and Reporting Abuse

We reserve the right to edit/remove any posts that violate our guidelines. Notwithstanding anything in your commercial agreement with Pendo, we may suspend or terminate your account with Pendo (including your use of Pendo Discussions) for violation(s) of these Community Guidelines or the Terms of Service. 

To report behavior or content that violates or is inconsistent with our Community Guidelines or Terms of Service, please contact us at We encourage all persons to contact us regarding violations, suspected violations and behavior or content that is or may be inconsistent with these Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. We will review and respond as appropriate to reports, including by endeavoring to preserve confidentiality where applicable, but there may be instances where we are limited in how we can respond.




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