What types of segments are you using for customer success?

We want to enable our customer success team to track product engagement for their own accounts and wanted to see what segments other customer success teams are using.



  • A couple of user segments we have are:

    • New Customers 
    • High Value (ARR) Accounts
    • At-risk / Account Health
    • Customers by CSM

    This is around customer cohorts that generally need the most attention.

  • Oh Marina Khan, I am curious how you set segments up for those last one

    I am getting ready to launch a new CSM team and would love to be able to segment based on that. Would you be willing to share how you achieved this?


  • Lynnette Conroy customers by CSM is likely pulled through a CRM integration, so if you have Hubspot or Salesforce then you could sync that information and use it for your segmentation.

    That, or you can pass that metadata in from your snippet/application if CSM info is stored there.

  • Lynnette - Angus hit it on the dot! You would need be pass that metadata through your snippet/application or a CRM tool. Some useful metadata fields that help with the segmentation are start date of using your application, when their renewal is coming up, time on site, and even NPS scores to start slicing and dicing data for your CS teams to action upon with their customer base.

  • Thanks! We do indeed have a Salesforce integration, but have only take it as far as the handshake and pulling 2 tiny pieces of data out of pendo into SF. I'll look into Pendo pulling that in. Appreciate the direction.


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