What kind of feedback are you collecting from customers?

We are trying to keep our product team in the loop on what customers want and we’re trying to figure out more ways to get feedback directly from our customers outside of calls and emails.

What programs / guides are you using to gather feedback?



  • A couple ways we are collecting feedback is:

    • Overall Satisfaction via NPS
    • Feedback on Specific Features by using an in app poll or open text
    • Gathering use case information from in app surveys

    It helps us understand how our users feel about features that are not well adopted and helps us source feedback on how to improve it.

  • For us, we are similar to Angus and collect NPS, have 1-step guides with polls that are badge-activated immediately adjacent to a new feature on a screen (open text plus usually a rating system question), and from time to time our UX team prepares a survey in Microsoft Forms and we then display it within an iframe on a guide that's a pop-up for a percent of our users (prefaced by a step asking if they want to provide feedback).

    In-app surveys tend to do much better in the volume and speed of responses, plus then you have the bonus of seeing the user behavior for those who respond.

    We also have a few different ways our users can reach our feedback forum (UserVoice) and that's where our product teams review requests, respond/add comments, etc.

  • We get the best response rate from our NPS, and in fact have an optional second page of questions appended to our NPS to compensate for low response rates for badge-activated feature-based polls.

    Outside of Pendo, we field many user comments via direct email to our Product Support team to ensure the comments are directed to the right internal teams to address the comment or query.

    We have a user community forum, but while we monitor feedback passively, that community mostly likes to talk to each other about subject matter expertise.

  • These are all great ideas! I think it is very helpful to be mindful about how and where to collect this feedback. I recently worked with a customer who was designing a new UI and they wanted to know where their users were switching back to the classic UI the most. Utilizing Pendo's Path & Funnels, we were able to narrow down specific pages in their application that users were returning back to classic. With this knowledge, we were able to come up with more meaningful polls to capture user feedback on these specific pages, features, and narrow down why users were going back to classic vs using the new UI. 

  • I'm curious. Has anyone set up an NPS survey with an additional Poll step afterwards to gain more insight on the score? What are your best practices when using NPS? Sharing is caring! Thank you. 


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