How to retrieve all application data using Pendo API through Python

Hi all,

I have been using Pendo API through Python to get Pendo data.I used some API calls to get the feature and page details and while retrieving those details i get only data relevant to particular application when setting the data to


But i was able to add other parameter called "appId" to get the other applications data.

But when i tried to get the Event details of Feature and Page,this method did not work and i get only data relevant to particular application.

Is there any reason for this data limitation to a single application?

Is there any work around to get the data from other applications?


Thanks in advance



  • The above response is what you'll use when making calls against the aggregation endpoint ( to get event data. 

    For other V1 API calls, such as as the feature endpoint ( or page endpoint (, you would add ?expand=*  to the end of your request URL to get a list of features/pages from all applications in the subscription.
    This would get you features for just the default application in the subscription.*
    This would get your features for all applications in the subscription

  • Jesse Kitchens with the solution here:

    "Pendo only returns data for the default app in a subscription w/o specifying the app or expanding to all apps in the request. 

    You'll need to use "appId": "expandAppIds(\"*\")" which is necessary to pull event data from multi-app accounts.  As an example, try using the call below where appId has been specified under the rowSource of the request:"
        "channelId": "",
        "response": {
            "location": "request",
            "mimeType": "application/json"
        "request": {
            "name": "",
            "pipeline": [
                    "source": {
                        "pageEvents": {
                            "appId": "expandAppIds(\"*\")"
                        "timeSeries": {
                            "period": "dayRange",
                            "first": "now()",
                            "count": -1
            "requestId": ""
    If you want app data specific for an app, replace “expandAppIds(\“*\“)” with the actual ID of the app you want the data for.
  • Please reference this new Community post instead - it has the same information, but it's organized a little better:


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