• Hi Alex,

    I see you've submitted a ticket with our support team already and are following the next steps. Thanks for sharing this with the community!

  • Thanks, Howard!

    Hope you'll have better luck with the support team than me (they said they won't help me with the question because I'm on free plan - there is a chicken and an egg problem).

  • Hey there Alexander! Justin Nuzum here - I lead our Service and Support groups here at Pendo. It looks like we probably missed something here so I'll be working to get this taken care of. Free does have limited access to Support, but obviously we want to take issues seriously and see them through to resolution. 

    I'll help pick this up and we'll reach out to get this one driven to completion! We'll take care of updating this thread as well..

  • Thanks justin.nuzum, looking forward to what you find out.



  • justin.nuzum, Justin Schnuzum, Howard Lio,

    Hope all is well. Any news on the ticket?

    To reiterate: normal installation didn't succeed all the way (only landing page is tracked, guidelines are not working).

    When I try "Angular" installation from, step 2 is not possible to do becuase "angular.module" is nowhere found in the project (see

    Step 2: Include Pendo in your app’s modules. The library is pendolytics:

    angular.module('your-app', [...,'pendolytics',...]);



  • Hi Alexander Radnaev,

    Thanks for your follow up - the agent on your ticket responded with some extra steps. Pendo has had some recent updates that we believe should resolve this issue that you're spotting. If not please follow up with the agent on the ticket on what you're seeing. Thanks!

  • Would REALLY like to know what the "extra steps" are - I'm trying to use this with Angular 11+ and Webpack refuses to compile citing "pendo.initialize()" with "pendo" as not being defined. I'm blocked by this.


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