Trying to add a code block to the built in banner templates that will make the banner push down content

Looking to do something like these examples leveraging the work already done in pendo. 

I've tried adding this to the JS code block to no avail. 

document.getElementById("_pendo-close-guide_").addEventListener("click", function(){
document.getElementsByClassName("main")[0].style.height = "100%";
document.getElementsByClassName("strip")[0].style.height = "100%";
document.getElementsByClassName("main")[0].style.height = "calc(100% - 55px)";
document.getElementsByClassName("strip")[0].style.height = "calc(100% - 55px)";

I'm pretty green to all of this, so I may be way off base, anyone figure out a way to make the banner sticky at the top of the page, and not overlap the page content. I'd like for the banner to come out, and push the native page content down. 



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  • I've been trying to get the same. The default banner is useless because it totally blocks the site content.


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