"react native web" Support

We are using "react native for web"  (https://github.com/necolas/react-native-web ,https://www.npmjs.com/package/react-native-web ) to develop an application for Web and Mobile using a shared codebase.

The Pendo documentation I came across has references to "React Native" and "Web". But I have not yet come across any documentation on "react native for web"

Do you expect Pendo to work with "react native for web" as intended? Do you officially support "react native for web"?



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  • Hi Randika,

    I don’t think we have ever done any explicit support to make this simpler but theoretically it should work just fine but Pendo doesn't have any documentation to make it simpler. You would just need to find a way to download the agent like any other web app. 


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