Liz Feller, In App Help Admin at Nelnet Business Services (NBS)

Hey y'all!

I'm Liz and I work in Nelnet Business Services (NBS) as our In App Help Admin. Being part of our Online Help & Communications team, I'm a shared service and I help our other teams (product, operations, marketing, etc.) understand, learn from, and use Pendo for insight, guidance, feedback, you name it 🎉 plus I build guides like crazy!

I also do lots of demos and I'm involved as the PUG leader for Dallas-Fort Worth! In my spare time I'm enjoying family time with my husband and our kids, hopefully outside. I also try to do the NYT crossword every day, some days are more successful than others ☺

I'm looking forward to using Community and learning more from everyone, plus sharing what I've learned along the way!



  • Great to meet you, Rodney! When we make onboarding guides, we have learned a few things:

    1. Segment only to new users, new users at existing accounts, or something similar so that those already in your system don't think you don't recognize their familiarity :)
    2. If something is truly new for all users, we use a less-than-5-step walkthrough that has "learn more" links to our knowledge on the first and last steps, minimum. This helps with knowledgebase adoption/traffic, cuts down on what you need to stay on guide steps, etc. since that is really valuable real estate.
    3. We always get input from Operations on what their calls/chats/emails are about, and marry that with what Product wants to highlight. This has really helped us find any pain points, put guide steps in a more logical order, and plan out guides.
    4. Sometimes the guide needs to focus on how to use a screen, instead of steps to complete a task. For those more "orientation" type guides, we try to make them available by tooltip or as a guide from the Resource Center so any user can learn or get a refresher.
    5. "Coming soon" guides are quite helpful as well for new features coming out, to help users be aware.
    6. Never be afraid to change walkthroughs already live :) learn and adapt!

    My email is if you have more specific questions! Also definitely check out the Pendo blog resources about onboarding and walkthroughs, and come to Pendomonium for more in-person guide advice!

  • Welcome Liz! Thank you for already getting involved in the Community and joining the discussion threads.

    Looking forward to getting to know you better and help with your Pendo journey!

  • Liz, I have a question. I am a CMO, and we use Pendo.  We would like to understand best practices for in-app guides....particularly we want to use guides to help our users learn our platform quicker/better.  We also may need help on the production of the guides.  We are launching a new product so we are trying to make it as easy as possible for users to adopt.  

  • FYI, my work email is

  • Rodney Branch, you could not ask a better person to get to know than Liz! Glad you two can connect; as mentioned, you can check out her track session in person for Pendomonium this upcoming October 13th!

    For further resources, you can also check out our Pendo Academy for learning courses and we have more threads discussing in person guides here in the Discussion Community!


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