Completing a poll multiple times


We're using Guides to surface a poll to certain users after they perform an action. The guide/poll is launched programmatically. Can a user complete a poll/Guide multiple times? We'd like for the user to answer the poll every time they perform said action.




  • Hey Gabriel, 

    You can do this by setting up a guide that is either Badge or Target Element activated. For example, if you have a success message pop up after they complete an action, you could create a button that says "Take Survey" which could activate a Pendo Guide. 

    This would allow the user to complete the survey multiple times. 

  • Related question: Is there a way to clear the "viewed" status of a guide via JS? I have a need to show a guide automatically, every time a page loads. So as soon as the guide gets to the last step, I'd like to fire some JS to force the browser to forget that the guide had been viewed.


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