Can you track time between clicks on 2 different features by user?

I'd love to understand the time it takes for a user to click on feature A to clicking on feature B. Is this possible to do on a user-level basis?



  • Hey Shannon Lin,

    I would recommend using the funnel view! You can create a funnel view between features and pages and it does include visitor-level results.

    Check out our KB article here as well on Funnels:

  • Great thank you! And another QQ: I see cross-app funnels are possible but is it possible to track funnels between different views of the same page by different users? For example, let's say general customers get page A and admin hosts get page B, is it possible to track funnels involving both A and B? How would the setup process look like?

  • Hi Shannon, I think the easiest thing to do would be to compare funnels when segmented to users who see page A vs users who see page B. 

  • Thank you! And how do I find a particular visitor's ID? I want to create a segment containing only a couple users based on their ID but I only see their email through Pendo's Visitor dashboard.

  • Hi Shannon,

    Visitor ID is a field set up from your end so if you have the visitor id as an email, you can create a segment with the Visitor ID set to the specific list of users and their email addresses.
    You can find the visitor ID under a visitor overview page under Agent ID - 

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