Zapier to Slack integration

I am using the recipe for sending NPS to Slack via Zapier. (I am aware of the available built-in integration option but am using this method to control which responses we send to Slack). I got a test Zap working but there is no formatting. All of the report fields I selected are smashed together. Any tips on making the data more readable in the Slack channel? (had to obscure PII, but you can get the idea from the example pasted here)



  • Maybe download your visitor report to see exactly what the raw values are that the Zap is receiving?

  • Hey Eric Miller! You can add line breaks and some simple formatting in the Zap builder. I just tested this formatting: 

    And got this result: 

  • Yes! Claire Littell that was exactly the solution I was looking for. Thank you 😄

  • Another question on using the Zapier integration. The Pendo recipe for this integration suggests setting the segment to within the last 1 day, and then the visitor report to yesterday. Can you explain how that interfaces with Zapier which I presume is looking at more frequent intervals for updates? How does it not pull in duplicate data from zap to zap? Does it track data that has already been pulled and only pull in new users that have fallen into the report since the last zap? Also wondering to the "last 1 day" and "yesterday" differences conflict with each other? Want to make sure we are not letting any visitors slip through the cracks!


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