Is it possible to use Custom Metadata as variables within a guide?


I looked through the rest of the discussions and didn't see anything like this, apologies if this has been covered.

We synced our Hubspot data into Pendo as custom metadata on accounts. We use that in order to help with segmentation rules, but we would also like to be able to use that data as variables in guides. I know it is possible to use a custom code block to use data that is in the snippet, but I don't see any way of referencing that custom metadata that we have applied in Pendo as a variable in a guide.





  • Hey David Bender, that's a great question. The custom code block only allows you to add in metadata fields pulled in from the Agent (Pendo Snippet), but it doesn't allow you to pull in custom metadata variables from other sources such as Hubspot.

    The only way to get that to work is by somehow getting that information to populate from your app -> snippet (For example, if your users have to fill out First Name & Company, then we can use that info).

  • Thank you Angus Yang! That is what I assumed, thanks for confirming that for me. 

    For some insight on what we plan to do with it, we are going to put a welcome modal with the name and picture of their assigned CSM/PM with contact information. We have all of that as custom metadata on the account and would want to be able to have a single guide that we dynamically show content in. 

    Currently we have a separate guide for each CSM/PM and use segmentation on where those should pop up. Same outcome, but more difficult in execution. 

    I found the feedback entry for this and already upvoted it, thanks for your help!

  • I'd like to upvote this too, but I can't find the feedback entry for it.

  • Hey Chris Crompton, here are two related requests you can upvote! (One & Two)


  • Hi all, I have upvoted these requests as well as it is very needed. Is there ANY, even unweildy, workarounds? We have a critical incident and use case for a 1 time guide and now that the metadata is in, we have just realized it cannot be used. 

  • Hey all, we also have a critical use case for this feature. Upvoting the above

  • Neither of those links work for me. I just get a "Sorry, that request doesn't seem to exist." but we need the ability to use SFDC synced and custom fields in guides. It seems like dynamic content is very limited in Pendo.

  • Is this still true?? I am having an issue using my account custom metadata but according to these documents, it should be accessible:

    It CLEARLY says in the example you can use account metadata as a variable. 

  • @Matt any AGENT metadata can be used in guide variables (aka whatever the snippet sends) but CUSTOM metadata can’t :( . Which I believe the article states as well. Big gap in my opinion especially with SFDC integrations.

  • This would be extremely helpful still. I am having issues doing this with a custom event that we just created.


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