Dismiss the Resource Center by clicking outside the guide

Does anyone know if there is a way to make the resource center close when the mouse clicks away from the module itself?



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    Hi Katie Lacy

    After taking a closer look at the code it appears there is an issue with the snippet specifically related to resource centers that are target element activated. We are continuing to look for a solution - but have removed the snippet from the repository for now. We will update that repository with a new snippet if we are able to get a working version for target element activated resource centers. 

  • I've tried using this snippet in our Resource Center, however, it's not allowing my onboarding guides listed in the resource center to activate. Anyone have issues with this or have a solution? 

  • Hi Katie Lacy

    Are you adding the snippet to a custom code block on each step of the guide that you would like to dismiss? Is this only not working for guides from your resource center or any guides?


  • I am using this snippet to close/hide our Resource Center when clicked outside of the container. I used snippet based off the instructions given (adding it in to a stand alone guide, targeted to our Resource Center target element using the custom code block): "Put this code snippet in a custom code block on a tooltip guide pointing to the element that you are using to activate the resource center. Set the guide to display on 'Target Element', with the settings 'display on click' and 'display every time'

    Add this line to the CSS tab of the custom code block on the guide: display:none !important;

    End result: The 2.0 Pendo Resource Center will hide itself when a click is registered outside of the resource center container. ..."

    However, it is now affecting my onboarding module in the Resource Center, and it is preventing the walkthrough guides to activate when clicked on in the Resource Center. If I change the above snippet back to 'draft', the onboarding module guides work as expected. 

  • I'm curious if this snippet would work for the below scenario:

    We activate a guide based on a feature click.  If a visitor closes the tab they are on where the guide is present without actively dismissing the guide, when they return to the page the guide pops back up.  Will this help to ensure that the guide does not show on repeat page view?  


  • Hi Katie Lacy,

    Thanks for sharing this result and the updates - I've spoken with some team members and some recent changes to the code snippet seem to have impacted what you're seeing with the onboarding modules not appearing. 

    I've made them aware of this issue and we're in the process of making these changes to get back to expected behavior. I don't have a timeline yet, but I'll share further updates when I do. 


    Thanks again for your help Katie and appreciate your patience/help!

  • Hi all, any update on this? It is important for our implementation that we are able to have the resource center close when clicked outside of. The snippet was pulled off github so I am not able to use or adapt it. 


  • The snippet link in the thread above is out of date, here's the updated one I got from support:





  • I have the same question however we activate our Resource Center from a badge (as opposed to a Target Element).  Can we use that snippet (https://github.com/pendo-io/snippets/tree/master/resourceCenter/dismissRCWhenClickOutsideTargetElementRC) when the Resource Center is activated by badge?

  • Jessie Dalton the directory which contains the Target Element code also contains an option for Badge activated:


  • Thanks Eric!


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