Showing more columns in paths and funnels reports

For paths and funnels, I can only see visitor ID in the table below the chart. The problem is, our visitor IDs are the same we use on our app and these don't provide any visibility into who the visitor is. We are passing visitor email to pendo as well, but in paths and funnels there is no way to add that field of visitor email to the table. Is there any way to see these fields in path and funnel reports without having to click on each visitor to see who it really is?



  • Matias Beeck you can download the list as a CSV and upload it as a segment. Once you do, you can download the list with any additional metadata fields you want (like visitor email) and use it for reports/guide segmentation in the future.

  • Hey Angus Yang thanks for the quick response! I don't really follow your solution though...

  • Matias Beeck here's a quick video that might help explain it

    Also if you want, you can upvote this feature request to help our product team prioritize it in the future.

  • Hi Angus Yang thanks for the video! Makes sense for performing a more structured analysis, but on a day to day basis to review and QA that everyone is entering as expected a path, this isn't that user friendly. I will definitely upvote it! But I don't seem to have access to Pendo Feedback.

  • So if I am looking for time to next step in a Funnel report, this exporting/uploading of a csv doesn't help, correct? I need to add a column because I want the time data from a Funnel report by tenant. 


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