how to make a workflow from one page to another for a user guide?

I'm working with Reactjs and I'm trying to make a user guide, when the user enters I show a welcome message and explain some functionalities, but there is a button that I explain that takes me to another page and there are more functionalities, how can I make that integration(go to one page to another, or simulate a click that show a promt with options), because react is SPA.




  • Howard Lio do you happen to know if it's possible to eliminate the need for the user to actually click the element? 

    I've ran into this recently; we want to use "Next" buttons to advance most of the Guide, but then there will be one or two Steps where we actually need an element to be clicked... then we have to change that behavior of that one Step, requiring the element click to be what advances the Guide... this creates inconsistency and possible confusion for the users. 

    It'd be amazing if we could have the Next button click the target element and advance to the next Step! 

  • Hi Esteban,

    Thanks for posting and sharing on the Discussion Community. You can advance a guide on an element click and transition to the next page.

    Check out this article and snippet to see if this helps you with your welcome guide:


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