Visitor Days Active and Total Time Doesn't Add Up

On one of my Visitor summary pages, the Number of Days Active and Total Time at the top doesn't match days and total time shown on the Timeline. The summary shows 3 days active and Total Time of 9 minutes, but the timeline shows activity on 4 days and total time of 16 minutes. I only noticed a discrepancy for this one user. For everyone else the data matches.





  • Hi Bridget Lamb,

    Thanks for sharing with the Discussion Community. Is this only happening with one visitor summary? Can you show more of your screenshot to see the date range of the visitor summary?

    If it's a custom range from August 6th to August 20th, then I can see the 9 mins total time adding up, but curious to see if this issue is reproducible. 


  • Hi Howard Lio,

    Thanks for responding! It wasn't a custom date range. The filter was set for the last 90 days. But I just figured out why the total time only added up to 9 minutes. I looked at the tool tip for the filter and it explains that data for the last 7, 30, 90 or 180 days does not include the current calendar date. So, when I looked at this user's Total Time on August 23rd, it wasn't including the 7 minutes for August 23rd because that was the current date. That's why the total added up to 9 minutes (for August 6, 10 and 20). I'm glad I saw the note otherwise this was going to drive me crazy! 


  • Great catch Bridget Lamb with the tool tip 🔎! I assume then everything makes sense data wise now?

    Thanks for sharing with the Discussion Community 🙌🏻!

  • Yes Howard Lio it makes sense now. 👍


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