How to use Wildcards

I am attempting to launch a guide for our client whose website is

Basically the -madison-al can change based on which county client we have. For example for Georgia the URL would be

The application is exactly the same. It's just deployed at a county level.

I tried this below URL to make sure all counties get the guide but its not working for me


Any idea what I should do? Please help. 



  • Hey Aabid - 


    Wildcards work for all words between slashes.

    For this, your tag would look like: 

  • Thanks. What should I put as the main URL on this page then? Please see attached image. I tried your recommendation but it said I need to include a full URL

  • Any URL that directs into your application. You can then use the navigate ability to get to the correct page. If you use one of the two URLs you provided earlier, that should work just fine. You may need to use the Custom URL option when tagging the page to use the solution provided above.

  • Ok cool. I tried this and it looks like its working now. Thank you!


  • For future reference, check out this article here on supported URLs and wildcards:


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