Badge not showing on Page

Hi There,


We are using Badge activation for guides.

The Badge show on the first page of our app but on all other pages the Badge is present however is transparent?


See the images below :

This image shows the first page, The Badge shows correctly here

The second image shows another page within our webapp, The badge is there and activates on press however it isn't visible?

Using the debugger I can confirm the guide is running. The only issue is the Gui of the Badge itself.



    Thanks for posting in the Discussion Community. Have you checked if your application has CSS that is impacting the badge on the pages?
    1. Use Inspect Element on the badge on the first page (shows correctly). See what the HTML & CSS styling looks like when appearing correctly. Also find the #id for the badge.
    2. Go to the page where the badge isn't visible. Search for the #id for the badge in the 'Elements' pane, just to make sure that the badge exists.
    3. If the badge exists, look at the CSS styling. Is there any difference between the styling when the badge appears correctly vs. not appearing correctly?
    If you can identify a difference in the CSS, then I think you'll need to work with your developer to fix this.
    Hope this helps you get started!
  • Hi Howard,


    Thank you for your reply.


    I have inspected elements of the working badge compared to the non-working badge


    Nothing is different apart from the ID of the badge.


    Can I email you to Screengrabs? We are really keen to use Pendo for guides wihin our business

  • Hi All,

    Anyone got any ideas on this one, it is limiting us from using Pendo within our product.
    As explained above I have checked the CSS with no issues found.

    Kind Regards


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