Delay a guide from appearing

If I want to delay a guide appearing for a user after a certain amount of time, how would I go about doing that? i.e. a user visits a certain page and after 5 seconds on that page the guide appears


  • Given that Pendo is pitched as being deployed quickly, without engineering effort, it'd be helpful if this was possible within the UI without custom code. Intercom offers this functionality.

  • I believe this is a missing feature, I expected it to be there and only came across this since I would not find the option under activation of the guide

  • To delay a guide, you will need some custom code to do so. Disclaimer, if any one had questions on any custom code, you will need to reach out to our professional services team since our support team does not support custom code.

    Take a look at the code below:


    // Title: P2 Guides - Render, but hide guide until X
      // The following should operate without error for any P2 guide type.
      // Attribution to NB for providing the P1 JS code for this function
      // WLH: Updated and tested with P2 Guide Designer Lightbox and Tool Tip guides
      console.log('base: ',dom('#pendo-base'));
      // Hide guide immediately if not in Pendo Designer
      // EXAMPLE: reveal after 3 seconds
  • Another vote for this being default functionality.

    We previously used Gainsight PX and this feature was available out of the box.

  • Alexis Ordona, just found the above, where do I add this within the pendo set up. On edit container? 

  • Hi Sara Jacobs,

    You would paste it and edit the code into the custom code box in the javascript section. 
    To find this, in the container click on the blue plus sign to add a building block. From there you will see a code block and then you can paste it in javascript. 
  • Alexis Ordona thank you appreciate it. Is there also a way to stagger pop ups to make sure user guides do not show up at the same time 

  • Hi Sara Jacobs, yes we do! We have guide throttling and ordering. 

    Throttling will allow you to set up a maximum amount of guides a visitor can see in a given time interval. Using the ordering feature, you can reorder the sequence of guides that you want the user to see. 
  • Alexis Ordona Thank you for your help! 

  • Hello, has anyone had issues with this code affecting their button building blocks when adding this to a lightbox guide? It seems to be changing my button locations when previewing the guide and testing in a staging environment. 

  • Does this work for Flutter SDK?

  • Lucas Bishop - make sure to vote for this feature in Pendo feedback:


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