Pendo IOS with Xamarin Forms

Does any one use Pendo with Xamarin Forms? The screen ID on pages are the same for all the pages. All the pages have Xamarin's view controller and render when I look at the raw event. Did anyone face this?



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    Hey Guatham, you may want to try and manually add page identifiers to those pages. To do that, manage one of the pages and select the Page Rules tab. Check out this article to learn more.

  • Hi Mor, 

    Thanks for the response. We are currently using the page rules tab and adding text for rules. How ever we may have different languages that are supported. Would that need a different pages for the same language?

    Also, do you know how Pendo gets the screen id for a screen?

  • Currently yes, you'll have to have a separate page for each language. We do intend on handling multi language apps in the future so stay tuned.

    As for the page id, it is basically the name of the UIViewControllers that are on the screen.


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