Product Engagement Score (PES) - Retrieval via the API

Is there a way that I can retrieve the PES for each application using the API?
Is there a way that I can retrieve the Growth, Stickiness, and Adoption scores (which make up the PES) using the API?
Is there a way to retrieve the DAU/WAU/MAU using the API?

Pulling the overall PES/components per application along with individual account PES/components scores would be ideal with what we are trying to do.



  • Hey Mark Chappell,

    Thanks for your questions and sharing them with the Discussion Community. Unfortunately these 3 requests are not able to be retrieved through the API. These are all calculations/aggregations and not something to be pulled through API.

    We have heard similar feedback and I can add you as a subscriber to the following requests:

    1. (Push PES data into other tools via API #59666)
    2. (Export PES into account reports #56447)

    If anyone in the Community is attempting a similar use case, please comment on the thread with your use case and also subscribe to the feedback requests!



  • Hey Howard Lio.

    Yes, please add me to the requests so I can monitor the activity and keep our business partners informed.

    Thanks for the quick response, I appreciate it (even if it isn't the answer I was hoping for).

  • Howard Lio

    Do you feel that the Jupyter MAU notebook referenced in this 2 year-old article would give us accurate values?
    And possibly tweak it for the DAU?

  • Hi Mark Chappell,

    I think this could be something to explore; I have heard some users have the Jupyter notebook work with multiple exported CSV files from a Path report to find "times between features and steps". 

    I would recommend perhaps submitting a ticket with our team to potentially verify if there's any better way to get DAU/MAU export data for you to recreate your app's PES. 

  • Great idea Howard Lio, thanks for steering me in that direction.

  • Hi there Mark Chappell. Can I also be subscribed to those 2 requests you mentioned above? The links are not working for me, sorry.
    Thanks! Reporting on PES or being able to pull it with the API would be great. Thanks!

  • Hi Miguel Angel Cano

    I've added you as a subscriber to the two feature requests. We appreciate your post and following for more on this PES request. 

  • Thanks, Howard... I mentioned Mark by mistake. Hope it goes forward!

  • Hi, can I also be added to this request. It would be great to be able to be able to get some out of the box reports on PES or an ability to extract data using the API.

  • Need this to help indicate customer health in Salesforce. IMO this is far less useful if we can't get it out of Pendo and into the hands of our frontline staff.

  • Also interested. Need this for Account Teams.

  • Hello Everyone!  

    I'm sure you've been seeing some guides announcing this release in Pendo, but wanted to share the link to API documentation regarding the PES API here as well:

    PES API Documentation



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